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Your Karmic Moon in Love and Relationship

By Dena L Moore, Intuitive Evolutionary Karmic Astrologer and Venusian Metatron Channel.

Copyright 2003.  Not to be distributed anywhere, in any format, without my explicit written permission.

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Our souls cry out, sending our hopes, desires, and wishes skyward as we long for resolution, admiration…love. Dear Luna has many multifaceted faces. When she dons her black cloak at the New Moon, do you wonder how soon it will be before she shows her lovely face again? How many times have you waited eagerly for that thin waxing sliver of light to appear in the night sky? As she waxes toward Full, when she is at her most exposed, the veil is slowly drawn back.

Our karma, like the Moon, waxes and wanes. As the planets transit, our charts progress, and the eclipses trigger change in our lives, our karmic instincts and needs rise up into our consciousness (a personal Full Moon marked by a dramatic Awakening) and then, sometimes as if by magic, falls away again. No New or Full Moon is ever exactly the same, and you will never be the same again once you experience a personal Full Moon. We are in the process of healing all the time…and in the process of clearing and accumulating new karma. It is up to each of us, as individuals, to decide whether we want to add more positive experiences to our repertoire or if we’d rather (and I say this tongue in cheek) proceed on the ‘highway to hell.’ I believe that most of us wish to evolve and grow spiritually and not become trapped in a negative cycle of karma.

The Moon is a powerful emotional force in relationship and the way your Moon Sign responds to the environment, the way your Soul reacts, responds, and grows, is embedded in past experiences - your Moon sign, similar to your South Node, expresses the accumulated energy of your past and shows how you will react on an instinctive, emotional level in the current incarnation. Whereas the South Node denotes the accumulation of all areas of your past lives, your path of growth over many lifetimes, the Moon herself is more an accumulation of your past emotional experiences. Our Moon

Sign represents our attachments, and what types of experiences have brought about these attachments, as well as our established patterns and whether we are haunted by the skeleton in the closet (a Moon under duress) or if we knowingly and joyfully expose the bones for all to see (a supported, well-placed Moon). With personal work and healing, even the most haunting song can become a holy tune.

Understanding our personal Moon Sign better will aid us in our process of transformation. If we have cut ourselves off from our karmic energy and have erected walls and blockages which prevent the free flow of our intended expressional release (as indicated by our Moon Sign), we will express ourselves in distorted, compulsive, and erratic ways. If your Moon Sign is under duress and you are still scared of those rattling bones, then it is time to work to integrate the energy of your Moon into your life. Your Moon is under duress if it is conjoined, squared, or opposed by Saturn, Uranus,

Neptune, Pluto, or Chiron.

Your Karmic Moon in Aries


Nurturing yourself and others doesn’t come easy to you. Something of a loner, you may - depending on your Sun, Mercury, and Venus sign - find this uncomfortable at times. You may not realize that you contribute to your own isolation by being self-centered, demanding, and dismissive of others ideas, desires, and needs. Your actions send the message that you are self-reliant and that you don’t need love to be strong. If others challenge you and present you with an argument that you feel is right, you won’t admit that you are wrong…instead, you are more likely to engage in an outburst and start a fight in order to distract attention away from your short-coming. It’s difficult to say you’re sorry and some of you may never do so. You are relationship resistant and fear others getting too close. Although you may well be in a relationship, it is not likely to be a place of emotional comfort for you…you may feel there is no such place. Instead of denying or avoiding your emotions, strive to express yourself emotionally - perhaps through a creative endeavor - and work on becoming more aware of the needs of others. It’s difficult for others to open up and fully love someone who cannot love his or her self.

Your Karmic Moon in Taurus

You’re rather conservative in your beliefs and expressions and you hold on to what you’ve got for all it’s worth - or not worth. Change is very difficult for you and so you are likely to stay in a relationship no matter how dissatisfied you are on a personal level. You’d rather amputate your own needs and succumb to the demands of a challenging relationship rather than move on and start all over with someone new. Security is more important than excitement. Volatile emotions frighten you. The unknown and mysterious doesn’t usually attract you; indeed, it may be repugnant to your system. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why? Material security is a very fragile security and life will always force you to break rigid schedules. While others can roll with the punches, you tend to fall apart emotionally. If you can build more flexibility into your life, you will find that the ability to adapt will support you during times of change. Refuse to cherish material desires over emotional needs. Focusing on the physical world represses your Soul’s growth and fills you with



Your Karmic Moon in Gemini

Like the Aries Moon, you are rather relationship resistant but in an entirely different way! You may seem to express your emotions easily but some of it is just talk (what you think you should be feeling in a particular situation) or you manage somehow to intellectualize your emotions but not feel them. You are likely to jump right into relationships feet first as you want to connect with others - many others. And this is where the problem lies. You are easily distracted and fascinated by others and your curiosity will likely lead you into exploring a variety of relationships with many lovers… this fluttery approach to life will prevent you from developing a real strong and solid connection with a partner, and in those times when you finally do sink into your true emotions, you may become depressed or overwhelmed when you realize that you’ve experienced all sorts of ’love’ but not the love you dream of…or worse, he or she left when you were unable to develop the intimacy most of us desire to share in our close personal relationships. To make progress in your

relationships, recognize and change your avoidance techniques, which include using your work, studies, and intellectual friendships to keep yourself firmly centered in your mind and not in your body. Listen to the messages in your dreams and if you don’t ‘have’ dreams, do healing work so you can access them! You have been hurt in the past but that doesn’t mean you should stop living. Our intimate relationships present us with our greatest opportunity to evolve…don’t shut

yourself off from the powerful and transforming nature of love.

Your Karmic Moon in Cancer

Your emotions run deep, so deep that you likely absorb the mood of others, which can lead to emotional instability. You may not know why you are suddenly depleted of energy or why you feel like crying out of the blue, but look around you and note the people close to you…is someone crying inside? Past life and current incarnation familial attitudes, values, and beliefs play a strong role in your life and you may have difficulty developing your own standards for living. While you may worry excessively about what others are thinking about you, it is more important to understand what it is you are thinking about yourself. It’s very easy for you to fall back on the ingrained family structure and set of beliefs, especially when under pressure…yet at the same time you may idolize your parents, particularly your mother. You need to feel safe in your relationships and may be attracted to a partner who will help you rebuild the relationship of your parents…no matter how wonderful or terrible it may have been. The continuity and habitual pattern is what makes you feel

safe and if your partner or relationship changes, you are likely to become emotionally possessive, clingy, and manipulative as you feel vulnerable. Work on developing your self-confidence, build friendships with many types of people (who are entirely different than your family structure), and take the time necessary to listen to and process your own feelings. It will pay off seven-fold if you can develop your ability to discern whether the emotions you are feeling are yours or someone else’s.

Your Karmic Moon in Leo

The need for admiration, approval, and applause drives you to put on a show, to shower others with gifts and to seek the spotlight as much as possible. Whether this is the spotlight of the stage or simply the ‘life’ of the party, you thrive on attention and have a need to dominate the ‘show.’ Others may be attracted to you because you project an overdose of self-confidence and glamour. If you find that you often attract weaker partners, it may be because they feel your self-

confidence will rub off on them…or maybe, just maybe, you will protect them from the harsher aspects of reality. The more evolved Leo Moon will attract an equally independent partner who will be able to return the compliments, the generous gifts, and not get overly distraught when you are out sharing your light with the world at large. The most  difficult obstacle with this placement is that you tend to rely on others for acclamation and ego-gratifying compliments rather than developing your own inner ability to nurture and applaud yourself. This leaves you open and vulnerable to the reaction of others and try as you might, you can’t please everyone all the time. If your feelings are hurt it is difficult to hide your emotional immaturity and you may lash out in anger in order to prevent yourself from crying. Your roar, however, is nothing more than a front and others can read you like a book when your defenses are down. Learn to rely more on your own opinion and not so much that of others, work to accept that the world really doesn’t revolve around you, and most important of all, be forthright and honest with yourself about your true potential and capability. You

are a creative soul who needs to express your inner feelings through some type of art, regardless if that expression impresses others or not.

Your Karmic Moon in Virgo

Repression of your emotions has become such an ingrained habit that you may have difficulty recognizing when you are doing it. You value the intellect and the rational mind over the mysteries of life, and while you may feel that much of life can be explained by Science, on a deeper level you know that religion, spirituality, and philosophy is just as important (if not more so). Fear of the unknown drives you to compartmentalize aspects of life, which makes you feel more at ease because imposing structure and containing or explaining away the uncomfortable ideas makes it seem as if

Chaos is controlled. You may feel that you thrive on predictability, order, and discipline but may have trouble admitting to yourself that the routines you so carefully follow are really a way to avoid being forced to feel out of control…being forced to live a fuller, richer, and more emotionally available life. The high standards you create for yourself and others can become restrictive and self-defeating. While you may want love, you may be unable to feel love or to even know what love is. You think you feel it, but you aren’t so sure. You question yourself and wonder if there is someone more this or that (whatever your requirements may be) out there, and this hesitation or uncertainty could cost you heavily when a potential mate gets tired of waiting for you to make up your mind. Avoid over thinking situations and people in your life and you will be much happier. Accept yourself, flaws and all, and learn to laugh at your own shortcomings. Work to

understand that all things are perfect in their own way.

Your Karmic Moon in Libra

The search for a Soulmate is an important quest for Libra Moon, so important that you simply can’t imagine spending life alone. Just the thought may fill you with dread! A fierce longing to find the other half of your whole resonates into the past where you may have relied on a partner, parent, or sponsor to the point where you repressed your own needs and desires. You want to please those around you and you will adapt and adjust to another’s rhythm or lifestyle to do so. Yet, there are often times when you get tired of being the one expected to compromise (although you have brought

this upon yourself, you may not realize the how or why you have done so) and you will become explosively angry with the offender. To your surprise and perhaps horror, the person you are attacking will not even realize what he or she’s done to elicit such a response! You may have lost a few important friendships or relationships along the way due to such outbursts, especially in your youth. These past experiences may have only helped to create a fear within you that expressing your own needs equals loss. It is important for you to express yourself and to continue to do so even in the face of disapproval. Although you can do this through your creativity or art, you would also benefit from expressing what

you are thinking and feeling calmly and on a regular basis with those you can trust. It’s important for you to build self-esteem and learn to nurture yourself beyond a relationship…relying on another person to complete you leaves you vulnerable and open to manipulation. Take responsibility for yourself and your own actions and you will find yourself more able to have an emotionally satisfying partnership.

Your Karmic Moon in Scorpio

You seek passion and intensity in your relationships and while you strive to present the world with a calm and cool demeanor in all other aspects of life, in relationship you cannot control the floods of emotion. Oh, you may remain in control for a while but the closer you get to another soul, the more difficult it becomes for you to repress what you are feeling. Past traumas, betrayals, and persecutions have created a fear within your spirit that all will repeat again, and if you allow this fear to dominate your emotional world, it is possible you will again attract such difficult circumstances in the current incarnation. Indeed, you may need to replay or relive some situations in order to really open yourself up to the universal consciousness and become the phoenix rising out of the ashes. Intense emotional pain can be the trigger that enables you to initiate personal transformation and help you to accept yourself and your darker energy…and no pain is greater than the rejection or loss of love. As you become more self-aware through the trials in life and

relationship, you will develop the ability to channel the powerful energy in a constructive manner…instead of dominating your loved one or manipulating your emotional environment in order to feel safe and in control, you will be able to meet your own needs and express yourself naturally and fully rather than sinking into obsessive-compulsive behavior patterns.

Your Karmic Moon in Sagittarius

It’s difficult for you to stay in a relationship for long…no matter how much you love the other person, once you feel even a hint of emotional pressure (often emanating from within your own Soul rather than from your lover) you are off seeking your freedom. You have an ingrained fear concerning freedom, and you take this word to the extreme. A very social, energetic, intellectual person, you can’t seem to wrap your enormous brain around the fact that you use your pursuit of 

freedom to avoid acknowledging your true needs and the needs of those around you. Running away from difficult circumstances - or even easy and fun situations - is not really the freedom your Soul needs. You should spend time daily on self-reflection in order to access the deeper feelings your running about and ongoing distractions prevent surfacing. Once you begin to recognize that true freedom is really a state of mind instead of wandering helter skelter from place to place, lover to lover, idea to idea, religion to religion, you will start to mature and learn to accept the real life

restrictions we all have to face. The truth is, you have incarnated within a body, you are alive here on Earth, and your greatest challenge is to learn to accept the limits of this truth. Explore the boundaries of freedom within your mind while working to establish a firmer foundation on which to structure your life and love relationships.

Your Karmic Moon in Capricorn

Deep within you lives an unloved child, a child who was never quite recognized as a child or allowed to live the carefree life of most children. You may have always felt that you have to take care of yourself as no one else cared enough to bother…as an adult, you are very responsible, especially toward your work and your children if/when you have them. However, your tendency to view material security, prestige, and social recognition as the most important aspects of life -

perhaps due to your need for outside support and respect - doesn’t do much to help your personal relationships. Some may say you are unemotional or have no feelings when in truth you are a very emotional being, so emotional that you repress and deny your own feelings because you are scared that once you let them loose, you will lose all control. And control is something you are driven to maintain despite all odds, to the point where you can become manipulative of your environment and of other people. Although you appear strong to others, you know inside that you are vulnerable and, when it comes to love, weak. The emotional realm is your Achilles heel and because you are so strong in other areas, you try to downplay or ignore your weakness when it comes to expressing your emotions. Some of you may feel that expressing the inner landscape is a sign of weakness, rather than strength. Yet the repressive techniques you use to avoid having to share what you are feeling inside only depletes your own self-esteem and often leads to depression. The loss of love or misunderstandings with your loved one can be blown all out of proportion when you can no longer prevent your emotions from bubbling to the surface. What would be a mere bump in the road to most of the other signs becomes a life or death crisis for you. Others won’t love you for your accomplishments or your social mask - they will only love you for who you really are, so spend time learning to release your emotions in a constructive manner and nurture that inner child so it can grow up into a more balanced adult.

Your Karmic Moon in Aquarius

Your inner rebel leads you to form what others would term ‘odd’ types of relationships. You aren’t very interested in the mundane, every day sort of relationship and you draw karmic lovers to you left and right. It’s safe to say that your love life is anything but boring; it can be overwhelming, however! Intimacy issues run deep within your Soul, likely due to dramatic, almost unbelievable emotional events in your Soul’s history. The circumstances may be different for each of you, but what you share with others who have the same Moon sign as you is the essence and mark of a wounded Soul,

one that has been hurt so badly that you have had to cut off emotions in order to survive. The ability to be so objective and yet so understanding of human nature deeply enables you to relate to the masses as a whole. Your social awareness influences much of what you do and believe in and while you do your part to help awaken social group consciousness, you still feel like an outsider much of the time. Some of you embrace this, but many of you long for a close, personal relationship while at the same time feeling terrified of that very thing. Realize that your lesson is to work on recognizing

your emotions as a legitimate and important part of yourself. Learn to honor them as they arrive and allow them to flow freely. If you can accomplish this, you will begin to access your intuition on a more potent level, and in turn you will be able to feel love and less fear of personal relationships. Once your intuition is awakened, you will become an even more valuable resource and player when it comes to aiding in the spiritual evolution of the human race.

Your Karmic Moon in Pisces

The watery depths of the emotional realm surround you at all times…sometimes the buoyancy will lift you up and propel you forward, but other times you will feel as if you are sinking - even drowning - in the feeling, unconscious world…which isn’t so unconscious for you! You are always connected to the higher realms of yourself and Spirit, and you see the highest potential in those around you. In essence, you see their Soul Potential rather than their current potential as a human being. This certainly causes a lot of problems for you when it comes to relationships of all kinds, but

it can be particularly painful in your most intimate relations. Some would say that you project your wants, needs, and fantasies onto your lovers but I don’t feel that is quite true. It’s simple really…those who say such things really don’t understand the true power and deep connection you experience with others. Unfortunately you are communicating - without words of course - with their higher self instead of the very real human standing before you. Most people are not self-aware, they don’t really know what their Soul wants or needs, so it is almost as if you are trying to force their

Soul Potential into their consciousness. This is very uncomfortable for those you come into direct, intimate contact with, yet you don’t fully understand why or what happened to make them so skittish around you. It isn’t likely something you are doing with full awareness, but if you have lost a number of important connections in your life and your don’t understand why, then this may be what is happening. It’s important that you work to separate your own feelings from those of others as you very readily absorb the atmosphere around you. This can lead you into murky waters when, if you

managed to keep the suffering of others out a bit more, you would be able to remain afloat longer. Learn to use your empathetic ability to be of service to others but practice psychic self-protection when you reach out to those in need. Relationships will be easier once you focus more on the actual human in front of you - instead of dreaming of what they could be, accept them as they truly are.


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