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Karmic Relationship Past Life Astrology Readings - Karmic Synastry

Client Feedback:


Dena has extraordinary intuition and connection to karma and the unconscious.  I've had a number of readings by skilled astrologers, however Dena's abilities are unique.  Her profound sensitivity and compassion helped me greatly deepen my understanding of a karmic relationship.  I believe it is a great gift to oneself to have Dena help you explore your karmic past and path.

D, VA   9/18/2022  Karmic Relationship Reading


Please read fully before requesting a reading.

The Karmic Relationship Past Life Reading (Karmic Synastry) is a written astrology reading for two individuals in a relationship. I only offer these readings for individuals who are 21 years of age or older, with the exception of a family connection (a parent requesting a relationship reading with their child). These readings can be quite intense and are recommended only for those who are ready to experience greater awareness and a deeper understanding of their relationship, heal past karmic wounds between one another, and are seeking transformational Soul Growth. 

These readings are developed through extensive study of the astrology charts combined with intense channeling.  I have the gift of being able to see into the past and I am able to see specific past lives and past life patterns.  Astrology alone cannot point out lives, or relationships.  I use the natal (birth) chart or synastry (relationship) chart to see lives.  While I am working with the charts, information will channel through me—sometimes in visions, but more often in smells, voices, intense intuitive knowings, or suddenly entering the mind of that person in the past.  A very strange sensation it is, to look out and see others, or to simply know what that person knew.


I take notes as I study the charts and handwrite all of the karmic readings as more information comes through as I am writing. I work with the charts until the information stops coming through. Then I set the reading aside for one week and go back to it, which I've learned to do over the past 20 years working with these types of readings. Very often, at least 80% of the time, more information will be given to me on the second round. Then, finally, I type the reading up in a smooth flowing format without any mention of the astrological aspects or astrology jargon. I will include the aspects in a chart format or typed up separately but not within the text itself. 

What you can expect to receive in a Karmic Relationship Reading:

  •  Information about 3 - 5 past lives shared together, including details as well as any fragments I receive.

  • Any names, dates, places, the type of relationships experienced with one another, traumas experienced and shared, gifts developed together, the development of the relationship through the prior lives together and how the past is impacting the current relationship, and any other information shown to me.

  • The spiritual significance of the karmic patterns that have developed between you in order to help you understand the past and how it is affecting the current relationship.

  • A deeper understanding of your current challenges and patterns within your relationship to help you break karmic cycles, enabling you to heal and grow, either individually or within the relationship itself.

  • Experience significant Soul Growth as you connect deeper to your soul's intentions, as well as potentially connecting deeper with your partner while gaining a deeper understanding of your relationship.  

  • A compassionate focus on helping you to understand and love your Self and your partner on an ever-deepening level.

  • Each reading is unique. The length of the Karmic Relationship Past Life reading is typically 14 - 16 typed pages, although they can be somewhat longer depending on the amount of information that comes through. The longest Karmic Synastry reading I've done was 32 pages. The shortest was 12 pages.

  • Each reading includes email follow up where you can ask for clarification or discuss any difficulties you may experience after the reading. The first 2 follow up emails are included in the price.

  • If you desire to discuss the reading or your personal situation further, we can arrange for a 30 minute or an hour personal chat (typing back and forth to one another in real time) consultation via Skype, Google Hangouts, or Whatsapp. I do not do voice/telephone consultations as I have a jaw and neck injury that makes it very difficult for me to do so. You may also purchase a block of email personal consultations if you prefer. 

Please be aware that these readings can bring up past energy and residue of prior incarnations for clearing. This is an exceptionally personal process, and you should plan on giving yourself extra love and care for at least one month after receiving the reading.


The readings are delivered in PDF format via email in 3 - 4 weeks after purchase. I will also send a hard printed copy to your address upon completion. If you wish to waive the hard copy delivery, please let me know in writing via email when you reply to my email confirmation.

To schedule a Karmic Relationship Past Life Reading please purchase on this page below. I will email you to confirm and to ask for your birth information, your partner's birth information, and other necessary information. Please make sure you provide the correct email at the time of purchase as this will be our method of communication. My services are very personal. I handle all communication personally and privately. No one has access to my email except myself. All communications will be direct between you and me.


If you'd like to contact me directly, please do so at


All communication, birth information, and readings are 100% confidential.


What is needed to order:


I require your current full name as well as your full name at birth, the date of birth, the place of birth, your current location, and for the most information possible, your exact time of birth. I require the same information for the 2nd person included in the reading. If you do not know your time of birth but have a general idea, you may include that. I will work without a birthtime but please be aware that this will limit my ability to receive as much information as I would be able to receive if I have it. I also require your shipping address for the hard copy I will send via the mail.

I offer a $50 discount on the written Karmic Past Life Relationship reading if payment is made by check or money order (in the USA, in the US Dollar) or Western Union Payments (US and internationally). I can offer this discount because I will not have to pay the fees associated with online payments. Email me directly to request a reading using these payment methods. I am open to other payment arrangements as well. Just drop me a note. No trades in general but I will accept physical hallmarked gold  or .999 silver for the equivalent current market value, by weight. *The Payment buttons below may show my other business name, Lasa Luxury Gifts.

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