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Reviews, Feedback, and Comments about my services and website

Dena has extraordinary intuition and connection to karma and the unconscious.  I've had a number of readings by skilled astrologers, however Dena's abilities are unique.  Her profound sensitivity and compassion helped me greatly deepen my understanding of a karmic relationship.  I believe it is a great gift to oneself to have Dena help you explore your karmic past and path.

D, VA   9/18/2022  Karmic Relationship Reading

Thank you so much for this powerful and in depth reading. Your intuition is strong. Thank you so much again for this reading, it is definitely accurate, leaves me with hope for the future, and confirms the journey that I am on.


EG, MA, USA  2/22/2024   Tarot Reading


I wanted to say a very big thank-you for the informative and very detailed reading. I really appreciate the depth of information you were able to give. I've re-read the email a couple times now, in order to absorb all the info. But yes, this has been an amazing reading, and I sincerely appreciate your time and all the energy involved in this as well!

RJ, WV, USA  2/11/2024  Tarot Reading

Thank you for this outstanding reading! Your abilities and intuition is on point!! I love your pithy analysis after drawing the cards and this is basically the outline of what I would like to embark and accomplish for the new year on. Your talent and assessment is tops. Thank you so much!!


JW, NY, USA​  12/16/2023  Tarot Reading

Dear Dena…


This is an extremely insightful reading and right on target.  I feel the advice you gave couldn’t have been more accurate. Thank you so much. And I definitely look forward to working with you often!


Sending love and light,

M, WA  7/21/2022   Tarot Reading

Thank you for your beautiful and insightful reading, Dena.  Your reports always are so incredibly helpful for me!

M, WA  11/15/2022  Tarot Reading

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