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Astrological Services currently available

I am currently building my service pages and adding articles to this website. As of February 18, 2023, I am offering Soul Path Readings, Karmic Relationship Readings, and tarot readings. More services will soon follow. 


Coming soon: Live Online Tarot Consultations, Live Online Astrology Consultations, Online Soul Path and Karmic Synastry Readings, Written or Online Synastry Readings, and Written Question Astrology consultations. 

Read the most recent article addition to the website: Your Karmic Moon Sign in Love

Have you read Dangerous Love, Sacred Love: The Dance of Saturn and Neptune in Karmic Love RelationshipsIncludes chapters on Karma, Karmic relationships, and intense explorations of Venus - and Love - as well as Saturn and Neptune through myth, art, legend, and history.

Love and blessings,


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