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Saturn and Neptune in Relationship - Excerpts from Dangerous Love, Sacred Love

Relationships imbued with strong Saturn-Neptune connections can invoke deep primal fears and create emotional conflicts that have the potential to shockingly open one up to their unconscious shadow world. As we have already taken a look at karmic relationships in general and discussed Saturn and Neptune as complicated factors within an individual, we will now turn our attention to the Saturn and Neptune connection and its manifestation in relationship.

Predator or Prey?

Understanding the concept of predator and prey can help one to grasp the buried fears that arise within a relationship strongly marked by Saturn and Neptune in aspect. This concept is defined as an interaction between two organisms of unlike species in which one of them acts as a predator that captures and feeds on the other organism that serves as the prey.  Although we are discussing two individuals of the same type of organism – the human race – the energy of Saturn and Neptune opposes one another to such an extent that they may well view one another as an entirely different species. The individuals will usually share some personality similarities due to other astrological connections and factors that have drawn them together, but when a Saturn and Neptune connection is prominent and karmically active in a relationship, they will be very aware of (and attracted to) their differences.

When it comes to being the predator or the prey, it is common for both partners to actively take turns in each role. On the surface it may seem obvious that the Neptune partner would enact the role of prey. Defenseless, trusting, sensitive, and confused Neptune with his victim mentality, his intense suffering in life, and his self-defeating behavior patterns tends to attract those who appear to be stronger and more dominant. However, Neptune in his or her weakest state tends to take everything in life for granted...

Defying Fear, Developing Perception – working together to form a realistic union

The dream of Neptune can help Saturn break through life-long inhibitions and begin to imagine hope for a better future. The energy that exists between the partners is so potent for Saturn that it enables Saturn to see beyond the shadows of existence; Saturn can feel the connection with the greater whole through Neptune and see forever looming as bliss. Neptune dissolves Saturn’s security needs that block him from interacting with others freely. Through their connection, Saturn can defy his own deeply embedded fears of sharing himself and allow someone else, perhaps for the first time in the present life, access to his inner world. Unless one has experienced this feeling firsthand, it may be extremely difficult to understand how freeing this realization of connection can be. The best way to describe the feeling Saturn can experience in his relationship with Neptune is obsession. The idea of finally meeting the mystery lover, to know who he is, and to be involved, perhaps even sexually involved, is like Heaven manifesting on Earth. It is an intoxicating, enlivening feeling...

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