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Voices from Venus Tarot and Oracles Readings by Dena L Moore

Tarot and Oracle Readings by Dena L Moore
Astrology and other services

Dena L Moore, Voices from Venus Tarot Readings
Tarot and Oracle Readings by Dena L Moore

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Thank you for this outstanding reading! Your abilities and intuition is on point!! 

I love your pithy analysis after drawing the cards and this is basically the outline of what I would like to embark and accomplish for the new year on.

Your talent and assessment is tops. Thank you so much!!


JW, NY, USA 12/16/2023


Dear Dena…


This is an extremely insightful reading and right on target.  I feel the advice you gave couldn’t have been more accurate. Thank you so much.


And I definitely look forward to working with you often!


Sending love and light,




Thank you for your beautiful and insightful reading, Dena.  Your reports always are so incredibly helpful for me!




One Question Email Tarot Reading

3 - 5 Cards - usually delivered within 48 hours.

Includes written email reading with a picture of the cards.

Two Question Email Tarot Reading about the same topic, person, or relationship.

5 - 8 Cards - usually delivered within 48 hours.

Includes written email reading with a picture of the cards.


Two Question Email Tarot Reading about two different topics, two different people, or two relationships.

8 - 12 Cards - usually delivered within 2 - 3 days.

Includes written email reading with pictures of the cards.



Message from Spirit - 1 Card Tarot Message. May specify if you want a message regarding love, work, family, or another aspect of life. Delivered in 24 - 48 hours.

Includes written email reading with a picture of the card.

About the Email Tarot readings: Double check your email used to order as this will be our form of communication. I will contact you personally once your order is received to ask for your question and any necessary information needed to complete your reading. These readings can be anywhere from 3 paragraphs to 3 pages long as I write until all messages come through. Example questions include: how does he or she feel about me, what does my romantic interest want to tell me, what do I need to know now, what message does Spirit want me to know, etc.


I specialize in all forms of relationships, in astrology, tarot, and channeling, but I am also experienced in career, finances, natural healing, Spirit and spirit guide communication, family matters, and all sorts of unique circumstances. Although I offer services based on questions, I will provide any insight I receive in other areas as well. 

Coming soon:

Faerie Oracle Readings

Tarot Card Readings - Various spreads and decks to choose from

I am an intuitive tarot and oracle reader with over 22 years professional experience. I use astrological knowledge as well as my gifts of claircognizance, clairaudiance, and clairsentience when I am reading the cards. I am also an introvert (hermit) so you will not find me on youtube doing live readings nor do I do voice calls, in part due to a jaw and neck injury and in part because I can be overwhelmed or distracted by the energy coming from my clients when in contact vocally or physically. I need an energy barrier between us so I can receive clear messages from your guides, my guides, Venus, Sanat Kumara, or Metatron. 

For now I am offering a variety of written tarot and oracle readings delivered by email. I hope to offer direct tarot chat readings in 2024. These live readings will consist of real time readings through messaging via Skype or WhatsApp where you can ask as many different types of questions you'd like during our time together. I work internationally and do not have set hours so I can accommodate clients from around world.


 I will be offering my Tarot services here directly on my astrology site in the future. I lost all of my 20 year old sites in 2018 while I was ill and struggling with both my health and intense family difficulties. 

Thanks in advance! I look forward to working together. 



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