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This ritual is the original work of Dena L Moore

Copyright January 13, 2013

Keeper of Apples Ritual - For gaining arcane knowledge

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This ritual is an ‘Apple of Knowledge’ Ritual, using the apple seed and the fruit to help access other realms in order to gain knowledge, fine-tune our magickal skills, and develop spiritually.

What you will need:

Two candles: Black & Red

Incense: Spirit or Apple

Printout of the ritual

Drawstring bag

1 Red Apple

Sharp knife

Paper (preferably a notebook to use for several weeks) & Pen

Matches, a lighter, or a lighting stick

A plate or candle holder that is big enough to fit both candles on the same surface-

-make sure it is NOT plastic. Ceramic or glass will work best.

Water or a candle snuffer.

Incense burner


Gather all your items together and then create your sacred space. If you follow a specific practice for creating your sacred space, you may use this practice to complete this part of the ritual. If you do not have a set practice, then imagine your entire property encircled by the bright, pure white light of the universe. This can be a ring of white fire, a brilliant bubble, anything you feel comfortable with. Light the incense and then place the candles on the plate. Be sure to use a sturdy, flat surface. Light the candles and say,


Apple Wisdom come to me,

The Keeper of the Apples, appear!

Cut the apple horizontally so that the inner pentacle shape appears. Carefully remove all seeds and place them around the candles so that the wax will melt down over them. One (or more) of your personal Spirit guides may appear or hover near you. The Apple is sacred to the Goddess, particularly to Venus Aphrodite and Hera in the Greek-Roman Pantheon. In Norse tradition, the Goddess Idunn is the Keeper of Apples. Ishtar and Inanna are also connected to the sacred fruit. Even if none of these deities are ones you generally work with, do not be surprised if one appears during this ritual! Keep open to the wisdom they have to impart to you. Do not hesitate to pause during this ritual as it is important to write down new ideas or wisdom as it comes in.

Once you have communicated with the Keeper of the Apples – no matter if he/she is a personal guide or a god/goddess – and written down any incoming knowledge, take a bite of the apple. Close your eyes and let the energy flow through you. Imagine you are walking through an old orchard, surrounded by trees heavy with apples, ready for harvesting. Continue visualizing yourself walking until you reach the tree that calls out to you. You will know it is the right tree as you approach as the Keeper of the Apples or another deity will be standing close to it. Approach slowly with your arms spread out as if you were carrying a large basket of apples or opened in a gesture of being open for a hug. If the deity will embrace you, allow him/her to do so.

As you stand before the deity (or while embracing) say, “Give me the courage to embrace your knowledge and use it wisely, for the good of all.”


Take a step back. Take the time to write down anything the deity has given you further and then give thanks for what you have learned. Be aware that you have opened a gate within yourself during this ritual and you may continue to receive messages for several weeks after. After writing down anything more, finish eating the half of the apple you took a bite from. Chew slowly and offer thanks for the rich bounty of the Earth and the blessings bestowed upon you.

Let the candles burn for as long as you can as you focus on your wishes. Do not blow them out. Use a snuffer or wet your fingers and pinch them out. Collect the wax and apple seeds and place them in the drawstring bag. Be sure ALL seeds are in the bag but only add as much of the wax as you like. Carry this bag with you until the Spring Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) as the ritual will be active until then. Continue to write down any visions and intuitions you receive and add your dreams too, as they may be full of new insight and wisdom. I recommend that you bury the 2nd half of the apple in the earth if possible, even in a container of soil that you keep on a porch/balcony (it should remain outdoors). If you can bury it directly in the earth, leave it there. If not, then keep it in the container at least until the Summer Solstice but preferably until next Mabon (Fall Equinox). If you do not wish to bury it, eat the entire apple during the ritual or shortly thereafter.


Have faith in your wishes and in the universe! This cannot be emphasized enough! Don't expect anything to happen right away...the ritual may take weeks to fulfill.

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